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Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (Interest Rates May Vary) October 24, 2010

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     Armed with a 20 pound cellphone and a number of Gucci suits, Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) has returned at long last. Gekko remains wickedly charming, though he has spent the past 10 years in prison, and not much has changed during his absence. Brokers still want money and riches, now more than ever.
     Bring in Jake (Shia LaBeouf), a young, motivated broker about to marry Gekko’s daughter (Carey Mulligan). But when insider trading deal gone wrong causes Jake’s mentor (Frank Langella) to commit suicide, he swears revenge on the billionaire who caused his demise. (Josh Brolin).
     Gekko wants redemption, while Jake craves vengeance, making for one guilty, green-driven ride.
     Though I love Douglas and LaBeouf, this Wall Street sequel didn’t quite wow me like I expected it to. Yeah, yeah I get that Gekko was trying to turn over a new leaf. Sure sure, I get it. But what happened to the “Green . . . is good” mentality that made Gekko an iconic villain? Right, we all knew he was going to run away with his daughter’s CD, but the end of the new Wall Street was just a little too sugar coated for my taste.
     However un-wowed I was with the flop of a script, I was impressed with Douglas’s acting chops in his reprised role of Gekko. Douglas dusts off Gekko’s wit and charm beautifully, and you can tell he enjoys every second of playing the fallen corporate raider.
     Along with being a fan of Douglas’s performance, I was also mildly impressed with director Oliver Stone’s capture of the heart and soul of high-end New York City. Shots of the town at night were gorgeous and provided the viewer with eye-boggling eye candy (other than LaBeouf, who is handsome as ever).
     Despite these two colorful factors, it wasn’t quite enough to revive Wall Street. Maybe money never sleeps, but you might.


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